Hello Everyone!

We currently have  another bunch of deals out, or about to come out again with LivingSocial   for discounts on lessons in beginner Archery. We also have discounted Axe or Knife Throwing lessons available from Groupon.

 Those who have purchased vouchers must contact us to arrange bookings during the booking time listed on their vouchers before the booking date expires. There will be both week day, week night and weekend spots available, but please be aware, spots fill up quickly, so call to book early to avoid disappointment. However, we are closed on Sundays.

 We have both indoor and outdoor facilities available, so lessons are available year round.

 Redeemers of all  coupons will also be eligible for  discounted offers on future Archery lessons or one of our other Martial packages.

 Huzzah! And on with the show!

 CAS Iberia Product Update

Due to the fire at  CAS Iberia, certain items will be available only in limited and sporadic quantities. Check their website, often.

  About Us

Silver Swords Armouries was first conceived during the final year of the Ontario Renaissance Festival in 2003. It started as the retail offshoot of South Tower Armoury and officially came into being as a separate entity in May 2005. Since then it has been a major supplier of, and a source for instructional use of, historically accurate and functional arms and armour for both the stage and film industry as well as the discerning collector.

We offer instructional training in the proper and Chivalric use of just about any weapon we sell, in both Stage combat and Live combat formats. From basic and advanced sword/axe and shield to long sword, rapier with or without offhanded weapons, archery, and basic Ken Jutsu.  Classes are conducted on an  individual basis, or in small groups of up to six, starting at $30.00/hr per person without a voucher. There are no contracts binding you to a set number of lessons or strict class scheduling. We work on a "pay as you play" basis in conjunction with a mutually agreeable timetable.

 If you are unsure about which weapons forms you wish to train in, we offer a 3 hour introductory course where the  potential student is introduced to a number of different weapons forms, any of which they may choose to start training further in. Call us for details and price quotes for both individual and group rates. 

Ask about  our retail stock!