Hello Everyone!

 Welcome to 2013 and the start of another season of fabulous Faires and other happenings. 

We have started another collaboration with ,,,, and for discounts on lessons in either beginner or advanced Archery. will also be offering deals on an introductory sword lesson.

 Those who have purchased vouchers must contact us to arrange bookings during the booking time listed on their vouchers before the booking date expires. There will be both week day, week night and weekend spots available; indoors or out depending on either the weather or our 2014 show schedule.

 Redeemers of all  coupons will also be eligible for  discounted offers on future Archery lessons or one of our other Martial packages. 

 Huzzah! And on with the show!

 CAS Iberia Product Update

Due to last years serious fire CAS is still weeks behind in scheduling production for a large number of their popular products. Certain items will be available only in limited and sporadic quantities. Check their website, often.

Also, we are currently in the progress of updating our product pages.

2013 Faire Schedule 

June 7th-8th                     Robin in the Hood,  Elmira, ON

                         July 19th-21st                   Fort William Celtic Faire, Thunderbay, ON

          August 9th-11th               Fergus Scottish Festival, Fergus, ON

        September 21st                 Royal Medieval Faire, Waterloo, ON